10 December 2009

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

There are many traditions on a ship with 35 different countries represented . . . and then there are the traditions that are uniquely Mercy Ships. Every year around this time, the door decorating contest begins. The last few years it seems to have begun just before we sailed and then the judging occurs sometime during the sail, usually just before we get to the Canary Islands. The rules are simple - have the best decorated door (in categories of both office and personal cabins) using what you have around you, decoration can only be as big as the door, all materials can only be stuck up with sticky tack or magnets and cannot come more than 4 inches into the passage (I think this is new one - must have been some interesting decorating last year to make this necessary). I went around tonight to get some pictures.
Everyone gets involved: traditional, non-traditional, crazy creative, simple . . .
some multi-berth cabins (3, 4, 6 people):

family and couples cabins:

HR and Ship Sales
Finance and Laundry Room
Even the Acadmey got involved!
High School and Office
Grade 2 and Grade 3
Grade 1 and Preschool

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